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You Don’t Need A New House to Have an Extraordinary Kitchen!

A house renovation allows you to give a fresh look to already existing spaces that need an upgrade. When remodeling your kitchen, you will be able to restructure the way it was designed, to finally transform it into the common family space you always dreamed of.

We will show you Apartment CC’s kitchen remodel by Caliptra Arquitectura, and the details that make it such a special project.

Before – Apartment CC – Caliptra Arquitectura

After – Apartment CC – Caliptra Arquitectura

In this project, Patricio Cabal chose to keep the initial layout, with a twist that we love, sliding doors!

Door Closed – Apartment CC – Caliptra Arquitectura

Door Open – Apartment CC – Caliptra Arquitectura

When we opt for completely open kitchens, it can become a concern how it is in constant communication with the rest of the spaces, especially how the kitchen elements are organized. Imagine you are having guests over and you do not want them to see the cooking process, you can choose to slide the doors shut, resulting in two separated atmospheres, useful and functional!

Patricio also decided to hide the sliding doors behind a beautiful shelf unit right next to the kitchen, making them imperceptible until they are used to divide the spaces.

Another key element inside the kitchen is the vegetation hanging from the shelf unit and the nearby lamps, as well as the green wall full of plants, which gives it a natural touch.

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