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Who Are We? What Is Our Essence?

Who we are

We are an Ecuadorian family-owned business established in 1975. We are leaders in the Ecuadorian Market. We export internationally since 2011 and currently our main markets are the USA, Peru, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

Madeval is a high-end cabinet manufacturer, who designs, manufactures, and takes care of the installation for residential and commercial projects for kitchens, closets, bathrooms, outdoor kitchens, and all areas that we can create with our modular system.

We help our client’s dreams come true through our design, service and experience.

The nature of our brand

At Madeval we help to develop a better lifestyle for our clients, creating unique areas where our design portrays our client’s vision to reality. We are focused on a modern and innovative design, adapting our collections to our client’s needs and lifestyles. Assuring that beyond a unique design they have functionality in their lives, focusing always on a personalized service.

That way we get to tell their story through the design, making it memorable and creating a unique word of mouth among our clientele.

Brand attributes – Our uniqueness

We are focused on providing innovation, confidence, support, warranty, personalized services, and uniqueness in design. As a family business we create relationships, not transactions.

Design – we always look to present modern and balanced design that is functional and aesthetically different for each project.

Innovation – we continuously improve our knowledge and are always updated with fashion, architectural and industry trends worldwide.

Service – we delivered a complete and personalized service, from the start to the end we are always alongside our clients.

Passion – We love what we do! That’s why we provide home designs that radiate life, innovation, and quality.

Design path (3 stages – customer service)

Our customer journey goes through 3 different stages that ensure communication, relationship and understand with our clients:

Stage 1

Step 1

Identify the needs

Delivery of an architectural plan

Step 2


1st design proposal + costs
Physical reunion in the showroom

Step 3

Changes and edits to the design

2nd design proposal + costs

Step 4

Work commitment

Delivery of Appendix 1: Contract agreement
Payment + delivery of design

Stage 2

Step 5

Definition of design and finishes

Sign Appendix 2
Final design, appliances, countertops and finishes

Step 6

Remeasurement on site

Requirements: delivery of appliance´s measurements

Step 7

Final approval and signature for production

Delivery of signed Appendix 3 – Signature of final design with measurements on site
Payment according to contract, production time starts

Step 8

Production process

Stage 3

Step 9

Dispatch, delivery and furniture installation

Coordinate delivery and installation date

Step 10

Signature of delivery certificate

5 year warranty – for production malfunction
Time to enjoy your space!

Step 11


We suggest to hire an annual maintenance service with Madeval personnel to ensure your cabinets maintain a good state