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White Kitchens Never Go Out of Style

White kitchens are a design classic and a favorite of many and it is easy to understand why, their versatility to adapt to both classic and contemporary décor and can be easily updated over time and with new trends. Despite their timeless appeal, white kitchens may seem boring to some color lovers. If you’re inclined to go for a white kitchen, but are concerned that it gives a feeling of impersonality, in this blog post we show you how to combine elements or materials to make your white kitchen stand out in the home.

Style with symmetry.

Incorporating repetitive decorative elements in the kitchen adds to the design and generates a better visual perception of the space, as we can see in these two kitchens that feature three pendant lights on the island.

Use a statement stone for the countertop

If you are looking to keep your kitchen shelves white, but want to add a unique touch, just add texture to the stone countertop and backsplash. In the following images we show you some examples of countertops with personality. You can place a stone following the chromatic of the kitchen adding pronounced veins or if you prefer to generate a total contrast you can go for a black porcelain stone. Possibilities are endless.


Why settle for just one material when you can use two or more? In this selection of white kitchens, one or two textures are added to the space to give it a cozy touch. One of the favorite materials to combine with white is wood, use it in base cabinets, on the floor or even at the ceiling and your kitchen will emanate warmth and comfort.

Neutrals in action

If you are a lover of minimalism, but a white kitchen seems a bit boring to you, and using bold colors is not your thing, try mixing neutral tones. In these two examples of kitchen we show you most of the cabinets are kept in white however it also works with gray or wood base units in some areas to give a touch of warmth to the space.

Fans of glass

Another option to suppress the monotony that can simulate an all-white kitchen is to add glass elements that generate contrast with the white color. In these examples we can see how the use of both dark and reflective glass generates a change of look in the kitchen and makes it a more striking one.

White kitchens have great design potential whether you incorporate different materials or add a touch of color resulting in fresh kitchens that appear to be more spacious and elegant.