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White Kitchens Never disappoint!

White, regardless of the time, is always a good idea for designing the most important space in your home. White kitchens are not only timeless; they are also versatile and adjust to the different sensations or looks that you decide to apply. Below, we share a wide selection of white kitchens and their applications within each unique home.

All white is a good option for open kitchens since it does not generate any type of aesthetic conflict. It can also be used to create contrasts or relate elements of other design trends that may be in your home.

To continue with the all white color scheme, you can opt for silver appliances that also add elegance to your kitchen.

With a white kitchen, you can mix and match materials since they all adapt well. Why choose just one material when you can choose two?

In the case of these kitchens, we combine (cold) materials from the same chromatic palette to give the space harmony but at the same time a touch of personality. Add these materials to the kitchen island and your cabinets to highlight these elements and make it read differently.

White kitchens provide extra luminosity to the space; this can be balanced or diminished by including materials and details in gray and dark tones. This choice of materials and colors leans more towards an industrial look without detracting from the simplicity and elegance of your kitchen.

Lighting is an aspect that should not be forgotten when designing your spaces. It has the potential to influence sensations and the perception of the place. Adding artificial lighting details, such as LED lights under the wall units and on the ceiling, or taking advantage of natural lighting, either through large windows or discreet high windows, can provide warmth, increase spatial perception, and even transform the functionality of your kitchen.

If you’re inclined to feel clean and clear, but with a touch of warmth, wood does the job. As we said, white fits well with any material in any element of your kitchen. In these projects, we add wood-like materials on the kitchen island countertops, in the modules, and even on the floor.

Even in a kitchen with wood materials, you can apply other design ideas that we shared previously, as in these projects.

Marbled accents pair well with wood, like on this kitchen island. Lighting details add warmth and enhance the different stations within a kitchen.

White kitchens have a number of advantages, including that they can be configured in various ways. Which of these kitchens do you prefer?