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When The Kitchen Is The Core of Your Home.

In architect Paola Caicedo’s Tree House kitchen, we sought to design a kitchen that reflects the architectural concept of the project creating an open space with lots of light and character. In this post we show you some of the features we love about this unique kitchen.

1. A concept of interaction

The Tree House kitchen adapts to the lifestyle of Paola and her family. A sociable lifestyle where cooking is an activity they enjoy sharing with family and friends. Based on this premise, every detail of the kitchen was thought out to make this design a space for exchange and relationship.

One of the key points was the location of the appliances inside the kitchen since they influence the way of living the space, it was decided to place the cooktop on the island so users can gather around the kitchen.

2. Line Fusion

Two of our furniture lines were implemented in the Tree House kitchen./span>

The Duo line, which was used in the island in a single volume which creates a sculptural element of great character with a large stone overhang which at the same time creates a seating area.

Another of the lines used was the Henzo Line in the low modules next to the wall, this line is characterized by having an aluminum profile passing through all the shelves and making the function of handles so it gives a cleaner look thus coupling with the formal and contemporary language of the Tree house.

3. A timeless and elegant look

This spectacular kitchen was developed with a duality of tones creating a contrast within the space, in the island and in the high modules Boreal Matte Lacquer is used, a dark lacquer that harmonizes with the window profiles of the house. The auxiliary and low modules under the sink were made in Sabbia Matt Lacquer, a light tone that allows the natural light to reflect which enters through the large windows from the outside.

Finally, wooden Gales Melamine is used in certain open details inside the kitchen, like the high niches, which allow to create openness in contrast with the other cabinets, also creating a space for accessories that, in combination with the lighting details, bring warmth to the home.

The Tree House kitchen is a great example of open kitchens where interaction is non-negotiable.