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We Love Contemporary Design, But Still Have A Thing for A Classic Kitchens

We love all the contemporary options for a sleek, modern kitchen, with neutral colors and almost no ornaments. But we still have a thing for a classic kitchen.

Viviana Perdomo – Kitchen by Madeval

Antuco Plaza – Kitchen by Madeval

A traditional style kitchen will never go out of style. A timeless design, with elements that keep the kitchen modern, is a proposal we adore!

We love the environment that creates a classic kitchen, with light cabinets and elegant materials. A wide, open kitchen with an island that divides the space and creates a place for socializing and interacting, as well as providing more storage and cooking area.

In this kitchen, the sink is the main character! A large sink, of the same material as the countertop, is the key element of the space, with a light-toned porcelain. Sliver handles create a balance between the white cabinet doors and the beige countertop.

Dainty details are a great plus to this kitchen style. Moldings around the cabinet doors truly transmit the essence of a timeless, classic, traditional kitchen.

Do you love this kitchen as much as we do?