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We Love Working on Every Aspect of A Project for It Lets Us Give it The Same Visual Language and A Timeless Design


In Madeval, we believe that working on every aspect of a project truly transforms the atmosphere. We can truly grasp the client’s intention and bring it to life: in every closet, bathroom, and kitchen. The Falconí Residence is one of those integral projects where working closely with the users and the architect in designing every single space, made the result functional, beautiful, and unique.

When we thought about the closets, we wanted to keep a clean and simple language: a neutral gray tone is able to balance the colorful colors from the clothes, and the light structure and divisions makes the space look less clustered, and easier for the owners to find the things they need.

The bathrooms inside the home are a great example of a bright, minimalistic approach for such space. Our intention was to create an atmosphere full of textures, elements, and movement, while unifying the entire proposal through the same color scheme. We also integrated vegetation near the bathtub as a way of bringing nature inside, and relaxing next to the plants while having a bath.

The main character inside the project is the kitchen. We decided to keep the same bright and light language, but also to add warmth through wooden details. Sleek, handleless drawers and cabinets were achieved by using a white, glossed material that goes perfectly with the marble used for the countertops.

Working in the spaces we specialize in makes it easier for the clients to have a home with the same visual language; with high quality materials, and a timeless design that will make your home feel brand new forever.