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We Love It when The Kitchen Reflects The Style of The Architecture Containing It.

The GA house, designed by Intemperie Estudio with interior design by FM is synonymous of minimalism with a contemporary style. In this blog post we tell you a little more about the kitchen of this incredible residence.

The kitchen was thought under less is better trend, which is why it was designed under very defined standards, having neutral finishes and opting for purity in its conceptualization.

There is no better way to express this simplicity than using the black and white style. For the materiality of the kitchen, two types of lacquers with two different finishes were used. The matte white lacquer predominates in the kitchen, both in the lower, upper and auxiliary cabinets, giving clarity to the space and blending with the overall look of the house, while the glossy dark lacquer is used in the imposing island and the bar module creating a contrast with the rest of the elements.

Two of our kitchen lines that complement each other were used. For the ends of the auxiliary cabinets, we used the Duo line, which is characterized by having a vertical metal profile along the modules, which allows the opening and closing of the adjoining doors. The profiles were chosen in a black tone, which creates a contrast with the white lacquer of the furniture. For the lower cabinets of the island, the cooking and the washing area, the Neo line was used with black handles, creating the same language for the entire kitchen.

The use of glass was limited to two areas in particular, the upper cabinets in the cooking area and the bar. Glass is an element that gives dynamism and elegance to this kitchen and provides warmth to the space with the side led lighting inside its modules.

The GA House kitchen is a clear example of how you can create spaces rich in design and spatial sensations using the less is better trend.