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We Are Very Proud of our Ecuadorian Product of Exportation!

Did you know that we recently opened our showroom in Lima? A few years ago we set out to bring the best of Ecuadorian design to the rest of Latin America and with a lot of effort our objectives are being met. We want to share with you a little of what Madeval Peru is, that is why in this blog post we will talk about one of the kitchens that we have on display in our showroom in Lima.

In this space are concentrated all the needs that a kitchen may have. The Henzo, Mozione and Line collections are reflected in the various elements that make it up.

The simple but elegant chromatics of the Mozione collection stand out, with a dualism of colors that differentiate the different kitchen stations and their uses.

Our Pocket Door System is the key to providing discretion, order and simplicity. This system, divided into two vertical elements, hides the sink with Hans Grohe taps, the storage units and a coffee station. In front, a similar piece of furniture with the same system conceals the refrigerator and is combined with the metallic accents of the oven. For this furniture, obsidian wood veneer was used with legrabox fittings and bronze mirror backrests.

With the Pocket Door System closed, this space may not look like a kitchen. The black tinted glass finishes of the modules on the sides stand out, reflecting the characteristics of the Henzo collection.

From the Mozione collection, the use of independent modules stands out, for this reason the kitchen island suspended on metal legs. These support a low module in matt metallic night lacquer whose doors have fine grooves that are repeated at an equidistant distance to “invisible” the joints between each door and give the kitchen a cleaner look.

Above this, an invisible induction iron, Invisacook, on the graphite-colored Inalco counter. What appears to be a cooktop is a Pittcook, burners installed directly above the hob, ideal for the connoisseur in the kitchen. In this space, every last detail was thought of. A Falmec hood was placed on the kitchen island with an elegant and discreet style that follows the aesthetic sense of the entire kitchen. At one end, the kitchen island becomes an overlay breakfast area with Inalco Meteora covering for 5 people.

We are happy to be able to bring Ecuadorian products to other parts of the world and to be able to share our years of experience and our passion for design.