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Three Different Materialities, One Aesthetic Sense

When designing a kitchen, combining textures and colors of different materials can transform this crucial space in your home. For the Th House kitchen, we decided to follow this principle.

For the low storage units in the kitchen, we decided to use Rovere melamine. Within this space, we allocated an area for the TV and the wine cooler, so we decided to distinguish this space with the use of this material from floor to ceiling.

On the other hand, for the tall modules, we use Fume lacquer. The balance of these two materials, in addition to differentiating spaces, enriches the personality of your kitchen.

One of the things we like most about this kitchen is the matte lacquer in contrast to the translucent glass. Lighting is also a component that drastically changes the look of your kitchen. The warm light highlights the texture of the Fume lacquer, increases the sensation of depth and provides luminosity.

We decided to work with a large central island that contains the sink and the breakfast area and that functions as the core of this kitchen. We differentiate the island with the counters that extend to the sides of the kitchen with different materials. The tone of the kitchen island makes it stand out.

Mixing three different materials generates rhythm, volume, dynamism and dimension to the environment, as well as a unique personality to your kitchen.