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This Kitchen Reflects The Client’s Wants and Needs

Any space must be the reflection of a client’s wants and needs. When creating and designing a kitchen, one of the main pieces when figuring out the layout and materials is the client, and for this space inside the SH AH Residence, the users were such an important piece! The result was a beautiful, practical, and optimized kitchen for this lovely family. Let’s analyze how Madeval designed this functional solution for their specific needs.

One of the main things that the family wanted for the kitchen was storage space for their growing family, while still keeping the openness and flexibility they always envisioned. Having floor-to-ceiling cabinets is a way to truly take advantage of every corner of a kitchen, and it also has a better look!

The kitchen island is also an element that can work perfectly as storage space or an area for certain appliances, to keep the main modules looking clean and simple. It is also big enough to fit every single member of the family!

One special thing about this kitchen is that it has a smooth transition to a formal dining area, with niches for books, accessories, and decorative elements that mark the transition to the dining room.

When it comes to materials and colors, the designer Victoria Sheffield was able to create the most amazing atmosphere, using colors and finishes from our collections. The Ultra-Matte Black is the main character, complemented by High-Gloss White in certain areas to create contrast, and bronze reflective cabinet doors to keep the space feeling wide and open. The line behind this kitchen is our iconic Henzo line, keeping everything looking minimalistic and clean, since it has systems for opening drawers and doors without any handles.