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This Kitchen Is All About the Choice of finishes!

The DG House is an architectural project by Christian del Valle that adapts and takes advantage of the complex topography of where it is located to generate a project with important visuals.

To enjoy the views towards the canyon, large windows were raised towards the back of the project. These elements, in addition to the spatial distribution, were fundamental criteria for establishing an interior-exterior connection. In this house, they are connected: the kitchen, the living room, and the dining room with the outdoor areas.

At Casa DG, the kitchen, in addition to being the most important part of the home, is a point of transition and connection with other spaces. That is why we design a kitchen that meets these design criteria.

The colors and choice of materials in the kitchen create a discreet contrast with the rest of the spaces in the house. We worked on a proposal with dark colors that were complemented with details in wood and steel.

The storage proposal is somewhat different. Instead of proposing tall modules, we opted for modular shelves made from black vertical tubular elements with caramel melamine shelves. The same material was used for the range hood and the breakfast nook on the kitchen island.

For the modules under the sink, like those on the kitchen island, fume lacquer was used with black gola profiles that contrast but maintain a balance with the countertops.

On one of the sides are the built-in electrical appliances inside a fume lacquer cabinet. We included a coffee station with a wine rack below.

The design of a kitchen not only influences its aesthetics but also its functionality, and in the case of Casa DG, how the whole project works.