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The Use of Glass Within Design

The use of glass within design has the potential to completely change the aesthetic language of a space as well as its functionality. In this blog, we will explore the impact of using glass within design.

Using sliding glass doors on the bathroom wall units conveys modernity and greater spaciousness. The glass creates a captivating reflection of the outside.

In addition, it works like a mirror, giving a completely different meaning to the use of the material.

Including black tinted glass in your design offers a classic look that artfully illuminates your space with abundant light and distinguishes different areas and elements.

As we mentioned, the type of glass used for each design can completely change its purpose. Using frosted glass in storage cabinets, due to its opacity, hides elements that, from a simple view, can generate visual noise in the spaces of your home.

For a traditional design, kitchen cabinets equipped with an automatic servo drive system and glass fronts perfectly combine form and function.

Closets with glass doors with a coplanar system embrace the simplicity of the design with the functionality and modernity of glass.

Carefully choosing the right type of glass not only adds stunning aesthetics to spaces, but also influences functionality and comfort. The intelligent and creative use of these allows us to challenge traditional limits and create unique spatial experiences.