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The Selection of the Kitchen Materials Is the Protagonist of The Alamo House

We love to be part of all the furnishings of a project, especially when they reflect the client’s lifestyle and the architectural concept of the house.

The Alamo House by Pedro Espinosa Arquitectos was born from the idea of solidity in contrast to transparency with the use of materials such as stone, cypress and concrete. Working with this group of architects helped us to design spaces with great functionality and purity adapting to the architectural language of the project.

One of the most important areas within the house is the island unit with its two sides that allows the division of public and private areas. Along this 15 meter long piece of furniture different areas of the house are developed.

On the social side we find the kitchen, pantry, a bar module, bookcase and study while on the private side we find storage spaces, warehouses, coat racks and ducts for installations. This large furniture has doors in Matt White Lacquer, a material that gives lightness to the space, which can be open or closed depending on the use, turning this module into a multifunctional and dynamic place./span>

To provide movement within the White Lacquer modules, it was decided to create open spaces of another material, the Light Oak veneer that blends with the Cypress wood veneer creating a single language throughout the project.

For the more private areas of the house such as the bathrooms and dressing rooms, the modules were designed following the same chromatic; Gloss White Lacquer and Jute Melamine were used respectively.

At Madeval we create spaces with functionality without losing the essence of the project through textures and finishes.