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The Possibilities of Kitchens Are Endless

One of our goals is to always innovate and keep up with trends, our showrooms are a reflection of our passion for design. In this blog post we tell you a little about our showrooms in Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca and the kitchen lines you can find.

Showroom Quito, Ecuador

Line – Henzo – Duo – Mozione Collection

A classic that never goes out of style, a black kitchen that emanates elegance and minimalism. For this design we used 4 of our kitchen lines. The Henzo with the horizontal profiles that act as handles were used in the sink cabinets, the Duo line with the vertical metal profiles were used in the auxiliary floor-ceiling units, the Mozzione line with its metal shelves and floating shelves at the opposite end of the sink wall holding the microwave and the oven and finally the Line, one of our most current lines in the kitchen peninsula.

Cuatro and Loft Collection

The perfect pop of color to make your kitchen the protagonist of your home. For this kitchen one of the design parameters was to create an atmosphere with character and at the same time convey warmth through wood textures and lighting. For this kitchen the Cuatro line is composed by the light blue routed cabinets of the island and the auxiliary modules of the back wall, the Loft line is implemented for the base structure of the island with a lacquered finish in cocoa gold.

Neo and Loft Collection

A Wow Kitchen. For this kitchen a clean and warm atmosphere was sought by using light colors and combining them with all wood. This kitchen was designed with two of our lines: the Neo line, which is characterized by having handles in the cabinets throughout the kitchen and the auxiliary cabinet next to the bar module. The Loft line was used for decorative elements such as the tall open metal niche in the back wall and the overhanging shelves in the TV area and under the window.

Showroom Cuenca, Ecuador

Henzo and Mozione Collection

Maximum attention to detail. This kitchen is a perfect example of an open kitchen, the auxiliary modules have doors with our Pocket Door system that unveil its interior when what is sought is to relate the kitchen with the rest of the environments making it a very versatile space in the interior design. For this kitchen two lines were merged, the Henzo in the low cabinets of the island and the Mozzione in the metal shelves of the TV area with shelves and suspended modules.

Duo Collection

The combination of finishes is all you can ask for in a kitchen that will last a lifetime, the timeless white in relation to the wood-like melamine makes it a timeless kitchen that will never go out of style. This kitchen is from our Madeval Duo line, which consists of metal profiles that cross the modules and replace the handles on the island and the auxiliary modules behind the island.

Showroom Guayaquil, Ecuador

Neo and Mozione Collection

The kitchen of our showroom in Guayaquil is composed of two lines. The Mozzione is marked by a retro style with a dynamic and pure scheme and is located on the back wall with vertical metal shelves with LED lighting along its entire length and decorative shelves and planters. The Neo line is composed of the cabinets of both the island and the back wall and the auxiliary cabinets of the pantry.

Henzo and Duo Collection

A sober and elegant kitchen. The concept of this kitchen revolves around minimalism and purity of language. This is why the Henzo line was used, as it makes it possible to suppress the classic handles and replace them with a horizontal profile that runs along the cabinets and allows the drawers and doors to be opened and closed. The Duo line on this kitchen island creates the effect of a solid countertop by lowering the covering to the upper front part of the drawer.

Our showrooms are a space that generates experiences with the best design proposals for kitchens, closets and bathrooms.