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The Kitchen Is The Heart of The Home

The core that reunites the family members, where everyone gathers to cook a meal, or to spend a moment together. We like to think of it as the main area, and as a part of our design process we analyze and create a kitchen that matches the aesthetic of the home. The R Residence by Caliptra Arquitectura is one of those cases. Its contemporary style with sober colors translates to the kitchen as well.

The overall architecture of the home, and its interior design approach is simple, yet tasteful. Wooden accents bring a certain warmth to the space, while the black and white accessories, as well as the marble staircase give the home that elegant feel.

The kitchen inside the R Residence has a minimalist look, with a sober elegance achieved through its materials and color scheme. The kitchen looks sleek thanks to its handleless doors and cabinets, and the kitchen island is spacious enough to serve as a dining area as well as storage area. This kitchen is from Madeval’s Neo-Eleganza line, which is known for the clean, neutral look. Its color scheme comes from a selection of melamines: for the cabinets and drawers we chose Grafito TX, and for the wooden details we opted for the Cedro Merak melamine.

What also makes this project stand out is its flexibility. The kitchen connects with the formal dining room through paneled sliding doors, that can open up to create a continuous space, and can close to divide the spaces when privacy is required, or simply when the users don’t feel like having that connection with the social area.

Natural lighting is a must, and this kitchen has glass doors that allow light to go through. These doors lead to the backyard, and connect the kitchen with a small barbecue area, having these two complementary zones closely related. This is a great example of a contemporary kitchen, with a minimalist approach.