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The Key To Give Your Spaces Versatility Are The Extractable Modules.

Our new line of outdoor kitchens has several innovative elements to highlight, one of them are the extractable modules.

Versatility is key when designing spaces that will be used regularly, especially on the outside, a place which must be flexible to develop different activities. That is why we felt the need to implement the extractable modules in the BBK01 kitchen.

The extractable modules are made of weather-resistant material, and they all have 4 mobile supports that allow them to be easily moved to other parts of the kitchen. This is essential as it allows to generate different interaction scenarios within BBK01.

Its functionality makes it ideal for the outdoor area, where social activities usually take place. These modules can be moved leaving a free area to incorporate other chairs and thus allow more people to gather around the kitchen.

For they are always designed under a modular system, the extractable modules can have multiple configurations, we show you some of the possibilities that these new removable modules allow.

Have an intimate conversation with someone special by simply removing one of the modules and exchanging it for a chair or stool. If you enjoy hosting get-togethers with some snacks and drinks, this removable module would work perfectly as a bar cart that you can move around your kitchen for your guests to sample what you’ve prepared. And if you like to go big, you can clear out the island by moving almost all the modules and turning the island into a large social gathering table with your friends or family.

The possibilities are endless with these new extractable modules that make kitchen BBK01 the ideal space to spend unforgettable moments outdoors with great company.