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The Ideal Choice of Materials that Give an Extra Touch to The Kitchen of The House DT

There are so many aspects that make a kitchen truly functional, beautiful, and practical. We have integrated many features that give our projects many traits, from our collections to our systems, but what really gives that extra touch to your kitchen is the materials. Picking materials is a decision not only based on colors and aesthetics, but also in durability, resistance, porosity, and other key properties.

Inside House DT, the materials for the kitchen were chosen to adapt to the clients’ needs and preferences when it comes to the cooking area. This is a special project, since it belongs to the owners and founders of our family-owned company: Madeval. Working together to create the perfect kitchen inside this beautiful home designed by Diez + Muller was a great experience.

The beautiful kitchen has many details, especially in the materials. The kitchen island’s main element is Cosentino’s Dekton®, an ultra-compact and high performance surface that is scratch, stain, and heat resistant, perfect for any cooking area. Inside DT Kitchen, Dekton® was also implemented as a backsplash and countertop in a contrasting color, creating a clear hierarchy between the kitchen island and the other spaces.

One of the client’s ideas was to create harmony between the elegance that characterizes Dekton® and the warmth of wooden materials. Also, by implementing our Mozione line and its open modules concept, as well as our see-through cabinet doors with integrated light, the kitchen truly transmits coziness and a contemporary approach.