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The Henzo Line Transforms This Kitchen in Houston into A Timeless and Minimalist Space.

This kitchen is located in Houston, Texas and has a minimalist approach to design. This proposal seeks to endure over time by prioritizing the purity of the elements and shapes over ornamentation. The minimalism mentioned above can be seen in the chromatics used, which unifies the elements.

For this kitchen, the Henzo line was ideal to reflect the purity that was sought, not having handles, but opening systems that simplify the operation of the shelves such as aluminum profiles that cross the low shelves throughout the kitchen.

To provide a special touch within the space, reflective glass doors were chosen, which not only provide greater detail, but also make the space appear more spacious, open and illuminated. These elements stand out for their finish and appearance, without the need to add accessories.

This kitchen has a simple and elegant chromatic, with contrasting colors that do not respond to trends, which makes them timeless. The kitchen integrates a concept of dualism by having the lacquer colors facing each other, which differentiate the different uses: on the side of the auxiliary modules, fume lacquer was used where the refrigeration equipment is concentrated with auxiliary storage shelves and pantry with a small open shelf for accessories, and in the low and high module section, white lacquer was used, where the cooking and food washing area is located.

The element that brings warmth to the space is the melamine wood finish on the breakfast bar, turning this minimalist proposal into the heart of the home.