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The Charming Design of White Kitchens

Neutral white kitchens are a timeless trend that fuses classic elegance with modernity. This clean, minimalist approach not only provides a versatile canvas for playing with accessories and decorative elements within your kitchen, it also offers a feeling of spaciousness and lightness at the heart of the home. In this blog, we will explore the magic of neutral white kitchen design.

The combination of the Sabia Lacquer and Bright White Lacquer modules maintain the proposed aesthetic sense by complementing each other and distinguishing the different stations within the same space, such as the cooking area or the food preparation area, behind the kitchen island.

At Madeval, we enjoy experimenting with the different application possibilities of the material. For this kitchen, we decided to extend the use of the material from the countertop and kitchen island and take it to the backsplash, providing greater continuity.

Small details make a difference. Maintaining the aesthetic sense, even in the smallest element of this kitchen is key. In this project, we consider everything from the aluminum profiles of the high and low modules to the aluminum plinth.

A secret to balancing tones within your kitchen is to combine materiality with lighting. In this case, the warm lighting reduces the coldness of the material of the kitchen counter. In addition, this lighting detail highlights the presence of the tall bronze reflective glass modules.

Neutral white kitchen design offers a unique fusion of elegance, versatility and practicality. Would you dare to incorporate this color in your kitchen?