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Storage Systems to Optimize Your Kitchen´s Space

In our kitchens nothing happens by chance. Our main motto is to provide efficient and functional spaces. Nowadays, the kitchen is a place that has ceased to be exclusively an area for preparing food and has become the heart of the home. A space where families and friends gather for social activities. Now, something key is to design a kitchen that adapts to different situations and optimizes storage space. In this blog post we will show you some storage systems on how you can improve your kitchen to optimize space to the maximum.

The first storage system we have are the removable swivel metal baskets inside the modules, these are essentially practical to place canned goods and access them just by extending the trays, this system is complemented very well with the fixed metal shelf attached to the inside of the module doors which allows it to place less depth items.

Another storage system is the Blum pull-out shelves inside the auxiliary modules, which are made up of four interior drawers, the first one being the lowest in height. These pull-out drawers have different characteristics and support different weights according to the Blum line chosen. One of the most aesthetically pleasing drawers is the Blum Top or Legrabox, as it has a glass front and at the same time can carry 40 kg of weight per drawer.

For smaller and more frequently used glasses or condiments, we also offer functional dividers, usually in the backsplash spaces, which allow you to have free work space on the countertop.

Finally, one of the most useful storage systems for perishable foods is the vegetable module with 3 removable baskets and a metal mesh door for easy ventilation.

Efficient storage inside the kitchen is a non-negotiable when conceptualizing a kitchen, thinking not only in its exterior looks but also in creating highly functional spaces.