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Special of Dark Kitchens from Our 2022 Dossier

We want to share with you a special on dark kitchens that we have selected from some of our outstanding projects that appear in our 2022 Dossier.

An ALL BLACK kitchen! This kitchen is designed to be an attractive object that forms part of the decoration of the house and that maintains the same contemporary sense. This project is definitely bold and elegant. All-black materiality and glass cabinets with integrated lighting were used to accentuate these spaces.

The kitchen of the Pillagua Barranco house is another example of a kitchen with entirely black modules, but with a pop of metallic color that gives it a slight character.

Choosing a gold color to contrast with your matte black kitchen does not only add shine, but also a modern look. Even better, add marble countertops, like this kitchen in the IQON building, and white to complement it.

An incredible factor of black kitchens is their versatility, they can be combined with different materials and colors without losing harmony. In this kitchen in the Coelho Living building, it was decided to add finishes and tall modules with wood tones that, together with the dark furniture, enhance the details.

Another way to design your black kitchen is to combine different materials, such as wood and marble, to create a new look in your kitchen.

The combination of colors within a space can change its character. For the kitchen of the DG house, fume lacquer was used. The choice of lighting and wood finishes, such as the caramel melamine of the kitchen island and the base units, brings warmth to the space

The architect behind this project, Victoria Sheffield, designed this space as a functional solution to the needs and desires of the users, making the most of each space, maintaining a clean and simple look. Two elements that stand out in this kitchen are the mosaics with an abstract design in black and white that contrast with the ultra matt black lacquer furniture and the cardboard globe-shaped lamps suspended over the kitchen island.

If you opt for an elegant and sober kitchen design, neutral colors with a combination of black are a good option. The choice of colors and neutral materials provide spaciousness, ideal for small spaces such as an apartment. The black modules make this kitchen an elegant and minimalist space.

This kitchen located in Houston, Texas, has a unique character due to its composition and materiality. In the same way, it has a combination of neutral colors that create a contrast, for example in the dark doors of the cabinets and the hood, the white accents of the countertops and the high modules, and the gray oak melamine of the low modules, but the minimalist and sober character of this space is maintained.

Unlike the rest of the spaces in Casa LR, in the kitchen we chose to use contrasting materials with character, such as black and taupe. The kitchen was considered as one of the most important spaces in the house, which is why a kitchen island was located that also turns this space into an extension of the social area.

At Madeval we love dark kitchens because they are timeless and have a thousand ways to be designed according to the tastes and personalities of each client. To design a black kitchen, the limit is your imagination.