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We Love This Intervention by Jannina Cabal: Our Rosanero Kitchen

We all tend to go for a safer choice of colors when designing or remodeling our kitchens. Neutrals mixed with a pop of color through accessories, or wooden materials that make the space classic and formidable. But what about a statement kitchen? We love this intervention by Jannina Cabal, where she and her team transformed an old room of an abandoned house into a unique kitchen, for an event called Casas Project, located in Quito, Ecuador.

Rosanero Kitchen by Jannina Cabal & Architects at Casas Project

Rosanero is a kitchen that intends to reflect the concept of duality through a beautiful space. The architect’s intention was to create two different atmospheres with almost opposite colors, making them coexist, maintaining harmony, beauty, and functionality.

A contemporary proposal that gives people a chance to think and feel outside the box, Rosanero brings the best of both worlds into one single space.

The kitchen itself keeps many elements that make it practical while keeping its unique beauty. A kitchen island, located at the center of the intervention, serves many purposes that are easily identified through the colors.

The black area holds the services and kitchen appliances, while the pink part is the social part of the kitchen. This structure translates to the project’s overall hierarchy of functions.

Rosanero’s predominant features are focused in its color scheme, making this intervention a sensory experience; the transition between atmospheres, how light affects the colors differently, and how color influences the perception of any space.

It is a great example of how you can keep a kitchen classy and elegant, but also fresh, lively, and fun!