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Racks and Wine Coolers that Will Change Your Life in the Kitchen.

In this blog post we show you why having one of these appliances will transform the dynamics of your kitchen, plus: take a look at some of the existing alternatives for storing wine bottles, and how to incorporate them into your kitchen design.

Storing beverages in a place other than the refrigerator provides more space for food and redirects the flow within the kitchen. When someone needs something to drink it does not interfere within the cooking area, but is redirected to the beverage space. When we analyze this particular situation, having a wine cooler or organizer becomes a smart and effective design decision. And more in these times where the kitchen has become the main place in your home, it is necessary to have different zones for different activities. So your wine or beverage fridge becomes the core of your entertainment area.

Undercounter models fit nicely under islands and are perfect for quick access when near breakfast seats.

If you are a wine lover the tower beverage cooler is the perfect appliance for you, place it next to the rest of the auxiliary cabinets or next to your refrigerator and create a cool zone.

Another option to place wines is to store them inside a cabinet of your kitchen saving space and at the same time complementing the overall design of the kitchen.

Wine storage ideas are space-saving and attractive, they also enhance the functionality and differentiation of the different areas of the kitchen.