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Pocket Door System, A Versatile Option for Storage Furniture

For versatile and busy spaces, like your kitchen, one of the most important places in the home, there is the Pocket Door System. As its name says, it is a system of doors that slide backwards when opened and hide in the cavity of the wall. Its top quality mechanism makes the user experience in the kitchen pleasant and comfortable. In addition, it saves the space that a common hinged door would need to open.

Ideal for open kitchens, the Pocket Door System is an excellent idea to optimize the use of space. Its design allows to show or hide, open or close complete stations, keeping them accessible. This system not only allows you to give your kitchen an instant clean look. The various options for materials and finishes also give your kitchen character and a unique personality.

The Pocket Door System has countless possibilities. It can contain coffee or bar stations. You can hide storage cabinets for appliances, such as blenders and mixers, even a washer and dryer. This system can have unusual and very original applications. For a more discreet kitchen, Pocket Door System that completely hides areas of the kitchen, such as the cleaning station, where the sink is. And one of our favorites, for a modern and minimalist kitchen, the Pocket Door System for refrigerators.

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