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Pietra Line: As Natural As A Stone

One of our main pillars is innovation, following this premise we are always in constant search of new designs of kitchens, closets and bathrooms with hardware and accessories that improve the quality of living space to our customers.

We present one of our most recent collections, the Pietra line. Inspired by the elements of nature. It is a unique design object within the space that becomes the protagonist within the space. Its concept is based on a thin slab of lightened artificial stone that completely covers both the countertop and the front of the furniture, forming a sort of solid and imposing cube. This design can be applied to both bathroom and kitchen unit fronts, providing an elegant and sober look, as well as durability due to the resistant characteristics of artificial stone.

The Pietra collection is synonymous with minimalism because in addition to using a single type of coating throughout the furniture does not require handles to open and close the drawers or doors because we work with our Henzo Line that is characterized by its horizontal metal profile embedded in the modules allowing its opening.

A luxury collection that will revolutionize the design of bathrooms and kitchens.