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Our SERVO-DRIVE System Is Not Only Practical, But Smart

We love to talk about the beauty of our kitchens, closets, and bathrooms; how we like to combine colors, materials, and styles. But what truly makes our projects unique, is how they implement systems that intend to make your life easier, and your spaces more intelligent.

Comfort is key when designing spaces for everyday use, which is why we have implemented systems that simplify daily tasks, especially inside the kitchen. We inserted Blum’s SERVO-DRIVE in our kitchens, an electrical opening support system designed with intelligent motion technology that can open cabinets and drawers with a single touch. Their lift systems for upper cabinets open up by pushing the front door, and close with a simple switch. This is perfect for higher spaces that are harder to reach.

Sometimes cooking can be messy, and opening up drawers and cabinets with dirty hands can make a bigger mess. Lower cabinets and drawers just need a single knee touch to automatically open up and avoid getting the kitchen dirty. This comes handy with waste drawers, for an easier clean-up process.

The SERVO-DRIVE System is not only practical, but smart. As soon as it senses any object or body part interfering in the closing process, its built-in safety feature stops the cabinet. Also, the entire system can be turned off easily with just a switch whenever you need it: for cleaning, when going out of town, or when you just want to manage the cabinets manually.

This System can be implemented and adapted to every client’s needs, customizing layouts for optimal work!