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Our Pocket Door System Is Used to Conceal Spaces at A Certain Time, that Can Be Opened Up Whenever You Need

Versatility is key when designing a space that will be used constantly. It needs to be able to generate different scenarios that work with multiple activities. This is why we have implemented a system in our kitchens, that works to open up and close spaces whenever you need: our Pocket Door System is used to conceal spaces at a certain time, that can be opened up whenever you need. From a coffee spot inside your kitchen, to a small nook where you keep your cooking equipment; having Pocket Doors is a practical way to have a new space in your kitchen!

There are many ways in which you can implement this system inside your kitchen, but there is one we love the most. Having folding doors that hide inside the pocket, that unveil that special place in your kitchen. But, what exactly can you do with this nook? We will give you some ideas.

Having a small bar, where you can prepare cocktails while entertaining your guests in the kitchen, is a great approach for that unique space. If you love your morning coffee, having a specific area destined to create your perfect drink, where you also keep every ingredient and tool, is a dream come true. This space can also become a place where you prepare pastries and desserts, where you can keep your mixer, special baking pans, measuring tools, and everything you need to prepare something delicious.

We love the number of possibilities that can happen inside your kitchen, when implementing one single system. What would you do with a Pocket Door System?