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Our Mozione Kitchen in Houston Is Synonymous With Minimalism and Purity

In this blog post we explain the design process of this kitchen and its conceptualization. The kitchen located in Houston, Texas has as its main feature to create a sense of dynamism and lightness. To achieve this premise the kitchen is designed with one of our most versatile lines: The Madeval Mozione line.

The Mozione kitchen has a modular structure born from vertical metal profiles, and due to its easy modulation allows to place appliances such as ovens and microwaves, high storage modules and shelves or planters.

This kitchen is organized in 3 bodies with a central island where the cooking activities are developed, the base of the island is made from the same metal profiles rising from the floor surface.

Another important feature of the Mozione line is the touch of lighting complementing the kitchen design through the LED strips behind the metal profiles that emanate a warm diffused light helping to highlight the volumes between the profiles such as the shelves and planters.

These metal structures create an open, clean look with its own identity. The flexibility of being able to design the kitchen by playing with independent volumes offers a unique movement to the kitchen giving the sensation that they float within the space.

In terms of materiality the kitchen has a combination of three clearly differentiated textures, the low and auxiliary cabinets are made of melamine wood dune, the sink is designed as a large main bowl covered in Dekton as well as the island. These two materials create a contrast with the black of the metallic profiles and cabinet handles.

The Mozione line is the perfect formula for integrating elements through the open spaces between profiles with cabinets and shelves for ornaments, creating a harmonious balance in any kitchen.