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Our Kitchens Have Arrived to Peru!

As we told you in the previous blog, Madeval has arrived to Peru. We are proud to be able to share our passion for design internationally. One way to reach our clients and demonstrate what our work looks like is through our showrooms. Currently, in our showroom in Lima we have two kitchens on display. Today we will share with you a kitchen designed by the fusion of Madeval Collections, where the most outstanding characteristics of each one are collected to achieve a unique and innovative result.

The kitchen includes the Cuatro, Duo and Novak collections in a single space. The kitchen is distributed on two sides with a central island. It is full of gadgets and systems to facilitate the user’s time in the kitchen.

The Duo Collection was used on the rear walls, characterized by essential and minimalist lines, accompanied by doors without handles, as can be seen in the modules and panels of this kitchen. The Dekton counter from the Code collection extends to the first drawer. The drawers below and the Nacar Synchro melamine panels expand towards the side wall. On the counter, the modules with tinted glass that rise to the ceiling give it greater dynamism and a feeling of greater spaciousness within the space.

On the side wall, the shelves from the Latitude 0 collection stand out for their elegant slenderness and resistance. The slim suspended shelves are free of brackets, so they don’t create visual noise and provide a clean, minimalist look.

The Luna Mate lacquered kitchen island belongs to the Cuatro collection due to the small slats that make up the thin frame of the door. A different element in this piece are the mobile trays that function as an extra storage area and even as a work area. We focus on including innovative pieces down to the smallest detail, which is why the switches to control the LED lighting of the mobile trays are tactile.

At Madeval, Meglio (Peru), we are ready to start this new adventure and be able to work and share with Peruvian architects, designers and builders. If you want to know more about our international cuisines, follow us on our social networks.