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Our Kitchen Collections

In recent years, our home has become the most important place in our daily life. This has made us question and rethink the spaces in our homes. Greater emphasis and attention has been given to the kitchen, which is increasingly a protagonist in the home. As a consequence, trends have been generated to transform these spaces into places that are out of the traditional, comfortable, practical and functional. Kitchens are not a design object, they are objects within architecture with unique compositions® that respond to a user, to their needs and tastes.


A kitchen line characterized by doors with thin grooves that are repeated at an equidistant distance and allow us to “make the joints invisible” between door & door to generate a large monolith that erases the image of the “typical kitchen”.


This pure, free & light kitchen concept combines independent volumes that create spaces with movement and versatility. With this collection it is possible to separate environments and quickly adapt a piece of furniture to perform different functions and modify the room.

The “loose” & dynamic shelving proposal gives unique movement to the kitchen, making it very interesting and exciting for designers and homeowners at the moment of customizing the space.


This collection, as its name suggests, is based on four small wooden slats that resemble the thin frame of the door.

Inspired by traditional kitchens but with a touch of minimalism in the simplicity of the frame, this collection blends perfectly with modern lines, and can be used by both traditional and modern architects, making it a transitional collection.


This collection is inspired by simple and sophisticated details with central panels that complete its rustic and cozy look.

The greatest quality of our Country collection is that it provides multiple options and colors through lacquer, creating a unique, warm and transitional style.


The concept of this collection has reached new heights and depths within the industry. Marked by order and harmony, this kitchen is functional within a cozy space. We believe that in addition to aesthetics, functionality and comfort are a must.

The Fusion collection creates a dynamic and modern environment, with a combination of colors, textures, and volumes. This is where function and design go hand in hand.


This line is characterized by its essential and minimalist look. We utilize two types of volumes and completely eliminate the use of handles, proposing a fresh but yet elegant collection that can be transformed by the selection of materials and cabinet arrangements.

Our different lines of kitchens, and their combination, allow us to design spaces with unique compositions that adapt and preserve the personality of each client.