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Our Charging Station, A Great Gadget for Your Kitchen

The kitchen nowadays is a multifunctional space where families gather not only to prepare or cook, but for other activities like entertainment, work, leisure, and many others. Now, designing a space that is multifunctional and adapts to different situations is key for new everyday dynamics. We show you how you can upgrade your kitchen for everyday needs.

A great gadget for your kitchen is our charging station. Our charging systems are great for everyday tasks, like connecting your cooking tools and baking pastries in a specific area, or if you need to use your tech devices while being in the kitchen, you can create your remote workstation in it.

A great place to locate this system is the kitchen island, where everyone gathers. This system can easily hide away, which makes it perfect since it does not disturb the initial layout of the kitchen, so you can keep the everyday dining area and the cooking area clear, and transform it to whatever else you need, whenever you need it.

Another charging system we love is the charging pod. A specific surface becomes a power source for your wireless charging devices, such as phones, headphones, and many others. You can pick up your phone whenever you need, and keep a wire-free zone when charging it, keeping a clean area.

You can choose the system that best suits your needs, whether it is the charging station to supply you with energy for different tools, or a specific point for a wire-free zone!