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Open Kitchens Are The New Trend!

Usually, in smaller spaces or apartment units, an open kitchen is a great option to keep the space open, with a close connection to the living room and dining room. For this beautiful apartment located in Houston, we designed the perfect open kitchen with a small studio that keeps the space wide, illuminated, and cozy.

The kitchen is clearly organized through modules that define functions and activities: the kitchen island is partitioned by a subtle pantry with open niches that are perfect for accessories and details. This limit helps create a clear space for the cooking area and the small open studio that is located at its side. Through this solution, we were able to keep every member of the family in close contact while still doing different activities.

Another cool thing about this kitchen is how it extends to other spaces, creating a small coffee station which is closer to the bedrooms. This module is perfect for creating a smooth transition between the kitchen itself and the living room. The decorative shelves are ideal to add some accessories, and to accentuate the functional transition.

The combination of materials is what truly makes this kitchen unique. The sobriety and elegance of the black countertops and cabinet doors, combined with the wooden elements create this contemporary and minimalist style, but what truly gives the kitchen that special touch is the marble backsplash, which also helps reflect light and balance out the dark colors and materials.

The kitchen island works as a cooking station as well as a more informal dining area. Since it is significantly big, it can work as an intermittent work station, a place where you can entertain guests, or whatever you may need.

Open kitchens are one of our favorites to design and create. This Houston kitchen is no exception.