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One Architect, Multiple Designs

At Madeval, we celebrate versatility as a distinctive attribute that explores creativity and proposes environments that adapt and enrich the experience of its users. We have had the opportunity to work with INAI Arquitectura on multiple projects. Let’s explore how this architecture studio has covered each project in conjunction with Madeval.

We can distinguish certain elements to which the architect remains faithful: large windows and kitchen islands. Despite this, each project maintains its own language and personality. We know that the kitchen is the most important space in your home. It is proposed to maintain its relevance through large windows that transition and connect with other spaces in the home.

The visuals of the kitchens are always directed towards the clear landscape. Low windows at the foot of the kitchen counter take advantage of natural lighting and increase the sense of space.

Kitchen islands, beyond being storage elements and organizers, are rooms to share with family and friends. The dynamics of the kitchen develop and resolve around it. Whether they are extensive kitchen islands with a food preparation station included or independent, these elements make the user experience easier and more pleasant.

Versatility is evident in the choice of materials, textures, and colors that not only meet aesthetic criteria but are also durable and easy to maintain. The ability to integrate modern elements with classic touches, or vice versa, gives kitchens a timeless and personalized character.

In this game of shapes, colors, and distributions, the architect’s versatility emerges as an essential element to transform kitchens into everyday life scenarios that inspire, facilitate, and last over time.