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Mozione & Dynamic: Our Versatile and Functional Lines

One of the things we like the most about our Mozione and Dynamic lines is the fact that they are versatile and functional. Their beautiful modular structure is capable of becoming anything you want: a place for kitchen appliances, a rack for accessories and ornaments, and even some modules can become cabinets for storing anything you want. Its contemporary style makes your kitchen a beautiful and open space with its own identity.

The main trait of this kitchen design is its light and free structure; it can make the kitchen space feel wider and clearer. This concept plays with independent structures that can be distributed in any way you need. It is also a perfect way to integrate accessories through open racks; balancing open spaces with specific cabinet modules, and nooks for appliances.

This specific structure has a key trait: light. When it comes to open modules, details need to be accentuated through light. The metal structure contains the light installations that create a beautiful diffuse effect that frames the overall layout that was created. This also creates a sense of openness inside the entire kitchen, since light affects the entire distribution.

What is truly amazing about this line is how it can hold different functions in such a beautiful and elegant way. It can also blend easily with a specific kitchen style, since its lightness makes it a versatile composition for any type of layout. Mixing our tinted glass cabinet doors with minimalistic kitchen appliances, having open racks in between, is one of the distributions we love to implement.