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Monogram´s Kitchen Hood Is An Easy to Handle System that Transforms Your Kitchen Into A Practical and Intelligent Space

We like wide, and open spaces. We like to feel connected and in touch with everyone! Inside a kitchen, we have so many appliances that it can become hard to create a continuous space; uninterrupted. Since it is such an important part of a home, we have found the perfect way to work inside a kitchen, and transform it to an open space.

Kitchen Hoods can be a beautiful accessory; an accent piece through its colors, shape, materials and overall composition. But sometimes they can become a piece that disturbs some cooking processes, especially when they are installed at the wrong height, or the stoves are in an odd placement. We have included in our appliances collection Monogram’s stove hood, a sleek-looking object that hides inside the kitchen island. We will show some of the residential projects we have worked on that include this innovative system.

This beautiful home by Caliptra Arquitectura and RW Interiores, with an open kitchen that relates to the formal dining area and the living room, intends to create spatial continuity with almost the entire ground floor, which is why the design team opted for Monogram’s stove hood. An easy way to cook without the chunky look of a traditional hood; an uninterrupted space with a clean ceiling.

What we also love about this system, is how simple it is to handle. We like to make everything easier for our clients, from adapting the layout to meet our client’s needs, to adding easy-to-use systems that make your kitchen practical and smart.

Would you go for a discrete stove hood that can hide?