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Mesh Doors, Functionality and Aesthetics

Each kitchen responds to the aesthetics that the user is looking for, as well as the pursuit of solving its needs. Madeval has integrated into its collection of materials a series of configurable elements that allow each kitchen module to respond to a function and an aesthetic. One of these materials is the metal mesh from the Loft collection, which we apply as the front of our furniture. We show you a little more about the different ways in which we use this material in our projects.

One of the most useful ways to integrate the metal mesh as the front of the door of a kitchen module is to turn it into a vegetable stand. The permeability of the mesh keeps fruits and vegetables fresh, without the need to keep them on top of the counter or inside the refrigerator. This also makes it easier to access these ingredients when they are needed. Integrating a vegetable stand is an ideal option to keep these elements organized and at hand.

This material is so special in its looks that many of our clients decide to integrate it into more pieces of furniture. Mesh is ideal for an industrial-looking kitchen; a perfect addition for a kitchen with exposed structures. On high kitchen shelves, it is an ideal material that goes perfectly in spaces with exposed elements, maintaining the visibility of the entire area.

The best way to maintain permeability in these modules is to integrate light, to be able to see the elements within said shelves: whether it is a diffused light, or one that goes around the shelves of said furniture.

Metal mesh is an element that, in combination with other materials, creates a unique look for the kitchen; it gives dimension to the space.