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McCulloch Townhomes 2, A Residential Project in Houston

We had the opportunity to participate in the kitchen and bathroom design of McCulloch Townhomes 2, a residential apartment project in Houston.

One of the objectives we wanted to achieve was to propose a timeless design with style that will last over time. White is an excellent tool to achieve this since it never goes out of style.

Believe it or not, white spaces have countless possibilities because they go with everything. The selection of materials and accompanying colors that you choose, in addition to the decoration accessories, configure your space.

In the case of McCulloch Townhomes 2, the white color allows us to configure the spatial sensation that this apartment produces, making it feel more spacious. In the kitchen, we chose to include textured materials in a range of dark colors, such as gray or coffee, as in the kitchen island counter and the wall and base units. These materials create a balance in this space and provide warmth.

In one of the bathrooms, the proposal is a little different. We decided to paint one wall a pastel pink that matches the material that covers the floor and a portion of it.

In the other bathroom, we say we support the modern look provided by the white color, so in the design we include square sinks with taps and details of silver hangers. Continuing with this concept, we incorporated a white bathtub and a glass partition for the shower.

Would you dare to include entirely white spaces in your home? If you want to find more spaces like this, visit our social networks.