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Marina Blue, A House that Overlooks the Pacific Ocean

One of the projects in our 2022 Dossier is the residential project, Marina Blue, by Juan Carlos Robles and María José Mera. Its ambiances are open and are perceived as spacious, elegant and casual despite its restrictive location, managing to satisfy the requirements of a personalized house with the details and needs of its owners.

The living room and the kitchen are a single space, sheltering two social areas of the house. Shared spaces are not a limitation, on the contrary, they generate countless possibilities.

For the entire kitchen area, both the food preparation station and the island, pearl lacquer was used. The black of the details of the suspended modules, the profiles and the plinth contrast with the materiality and define the different pieces of furniture found in this kitchen. In this kitchen design, tall modules and an accessory module on the kitchen island were included.

In these shared spaces, lighting has a great impact on perception and functionality. This house, located in Manta, was conceived with the ability to capture light and radiate it from within, in permanent communication between its interior and exterior, without losing privacy of its spaces and making the most of the restricted but wonderful views that the Pacific offers. In addition, artificial lighting accentuates design details, defines volumes, and therefore environments.

Marina Blue is another example of how shared spaces are not a problem. The key is a good spatial distribution, selection of materials and lighting.