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Manual and Electric Systems that Make Your Life Easier!

Nowadays the kitchen has become one of the most visited areas of the house, a space where you spend most of the time making your favorite dishes, but also sharing moments with family or friends. Now more than ever the kitchen must be an efficient and functionally resolved space for your needs. In this blog post we show you the opening systems of our cabinets and how they allow easy access and manipulation making your time in the kitchen the most pleasant.

First, we can differentiate these systems in two categories, the manual opening system and the electric one. As for the manual system we offer some alternatives, the internal handle is a manual opening system hidden in the base of the cabinet’s doors, through this internal handle you can access the interior of the modules. In our Henzo and Duo lines we offer the gola profile, which is a metallic element in between the modules and through it you can open doors and drawers. Both opening systems are characterized by having slow-closing hinges on the doors or drawers of the kitchen that prevent the door from closing abruptly.

The push is another manual system that can open the doors of the cabinets as well as the pantry units. The push system is a simple opening option that works by touch, you press where the push is placed, and this is activated and allows the opening of the doors or drawers. To close them you need to do the same, with a single touch you push the doors of the cabinets.

As for automated or electric systems, we offer the Blum Servo-Drive system, which can be used in high and low furniture. This system besides being practical is intelligent, in the cabinets it works by means of a button and the touch, to open it is enough with a touch to the door of the module and the door opens by means of metallic arms with the servo drive system. In the low drawers it works in the same way, a light push on it activates the electric system and facilitates its opening.

Comfort and functionality are the key when creating spaces for everyday use and that is the reason why we implemented several systems that seek to facilitate your life and your daily tasks in the kitchen.