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Loft Kitchens, A Balance Between Industrial and Warmth

Industrial kitchens have years within the interior design being a favorite among many for its harmonious combination of elements of other styles such as classic, contemporary or vintage touches. In this blog post we tell you some of the features of one of our lines: The Loft line.

The mixture of colors, textures, materials and wood elements is one of the most important premises within the Loft style. To achieve this, a balance between tonalities must be created, and the addition of exposed elements becomes essential. This means having an exposed brick wall, ceilings with their structure exposed or walls with exposed concrete. In this type of kitchen, simplicity is synonymous with elegance.

By adding wood elements along with these finishes the kitchen becomes much cozier making it more visually appealing, add that wood touch under the island cabinets or on the back of some open shelves.

It’s all about metal, another key point in a loft kitchen is the use of metal. Within our Loft line all the elements are made of this material, there are several possibilities of furniture such as high modules with metal mesh doors, low metal vegetable stands, more decorative open elements that give lightness and dynamism, there are even the possibilities of creating structures of metal hoods and islands. Incorporate other pieces of furniture such as chairs, stools or lighting accessories and your kitchen will have character and personality. The perfect balance between functionality and design.