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La Pesca, A Space for A Haute Cuisine Chef

La Pesca kitchen is a project prepared for a renowned haute cuisine chef. The design of this space, both aesthetic and spatial, must be at the level of its user to meet the requirements. Our mission was to propose a sophisticated, efficient and spacious kitchen, speaking of a good spatial distribution.

Generating enough space to satisfy the needs of the user is more easily achieved in an open plan. It was decided to design an #openkitchen with a central kitchen island that is integrated and functions as a social area.

Appliances were of vital importance in this project at the time of designing. In the case of this kitchen, Chef Carlos was very clear about the appliances he wanted to use. In this way, we first located them in space and as a result of this, the other ideas arose.

The selection and distribution of the elements guarantees the flow for efficient work during food preparation. Critical to this project was the inclusion of spacious countertops with a variety of workstations for prep and cooking functions. Accessibility to utensils is also a primary issue at La Pesca, which is why multiple cabinets and pull-out drawers were included.

The dimensions of each element within this kitchen are a fundamental factor. Aspects such as the separation distance between one station and the other determine the functionality and essence of the design. This kitchen complies with the triangle rule, which proposes that for a pragmatic space, the cooking, washing and storage areas should be located at the vertices of a triangle.

The dark color scheme results in a naturally elegant kitchen that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the spaces. Following this concept, durable materials were chosen. We love the contrast between the metallic gray lacquer of the auxiliary and base units and the textured graphite lacquer of the kitchen island. To accentuate the focal point of the kitchen, the central island, we used led lighting. Small details can have a big impact on the final design of the kitchen. Onyx glass with an interior lead structure adds elegance to the kitchen and generates a certain discretion in the storage units.

La Pesca is an example of how well thought out and carefully executed design can make the most of available space and resources to create a unique and appealing haute cuisine environment.