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Kosher Kitchen, A Complementary Space with A Unique Composition and Function

One of our most recent projects, located in Houston, Texas, in collaboration with Sheila Lyon, has unique attributes in its composition and function, with a unique materials combination! But, what makes this kitchen so special? It has a separate kitchen, also known as Kosher kitchen, apart from the main common cooking space. How does this system work? Let’s discuss more about this subject.

First, what is a kosher kitchen? This separate space is meant to keep meat and dairy products apart from the main kitchen, and utensils as well. A Kosher kitchen can adapt to the layout of the home, generating a space that varies in size and distribution, according to what is needed and required. In this project, we focused on creating a design proposal that connects the spaces through materials and the overall look, while still keeping a hierarchy between them.

The main kitchen combines dark cabinet doors with details, including white accents, specially on the countertops, that create contrast with the appliances and the main production area. The kitchen also includes an open space for accessories and special appliances, close to the hidden refrigerator, one of our favorite solutions for a minimalist design.

How does the Kosher kitchen relate to the main kitchen? This secondary kitchen is a more functional space, since it is complementary to the main production area. The main layout is placed in a U shaped distribution, with closed cabinets that keep everything organized and in place. Since it is a smaller space, drawers have no handles, for a clean look, and an appearance of a wider space.

Would you include a Kosher kitchen in your home?