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Kitchen of the House 103: A Disruptive Design Proposal

We love when clients opt for a kitchen design that breaks the norm: an enriching design process resulting in a beautiful proposal. Inside House 103, a residence designed by Juan Xavier Chávez & Architects, the kitchen stands out from the rest of the house; its layout, the color scheme, and the overall composition of the space.

Transforming a domestic space into a more dynamic and design-oriented proposal was one of the main goals of the architect and the client. The kitchen answers to a harmonious composition of different elements of our collections, with a single unifying trait: the color black. Our handleless drawers, glass cabinet doors, open racks, and mesh doors for fruits and vegetables, create a balance inside the kitchen with different textures and dimensions.

The kitchen island is one of the items that stands out, by integrating a copper foundation that makes it the main character, where everyone gathers to share a moment. A unique selection of dinner table chairs transform the space, adding a pop of color and movement inside this all-black kitchen. A table with a light structure is partially embedded into the kitchen island, creating a sensation of transition to the outdoors.

It is important to keep in mind beauty, and functionality. What also makes this kitchen unique is the integration of systems that make it more practical, from our servo-drive system, to our automatic doors. Lighting is also important, especially in a kitchen with this specific color choice. Light inside the see-through cabinet doors, and under the overall structure, transform the kitchen.

What do you think of this beautiful kitchen?