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Kintsugi Kitchen Has A Singular Concept and Origin

Once in a while, we like to break the rules; our Kintsugi kitchen is a great example of our intentions. A beautiful concept hides behind this nature-filled kitchen, with gold detailing that creates a harmonious contrast with the green tiles. For this kitchen, we collaborated with Gabriel Rivera, an Ecuadorian architect. What also makes this kitchen unique is that it was created for an event called CASAS Project, where architects intervene in an abandoned house and create unique spaces for the place.

Kintsugi is a kitchen inspired by a traditional Japanese technique for fixing broken pieces, ending up with an even more beautiful piece. It is designed by modules, in a way that the kitchen can be built in a small space and grow, depending on the needs. To reinterpret this concept, Gabriel Rivera opted for a specific strategy where the structural elements have a gold finish, which holds a strong relation to the gold that joins the broken pieces. These structural elements work as shelves, cabinet support, and appliance support. It also becomes an easy way to transform the modules.

Another source of inspiration for us was nature, always surrounding us. We translated that concept into the kitchen through many elements and strategies; from installing green tiles with an organic pattern for the backsplash, as well as incorporating a wall full of plants that brings life and a feeling of being outdoors.

White countertops are the main element that reflect light and create balance between the other textures, colors, and materials. We intended to create light-looking structures and elements, a strategy that shows through the kitchen island.

This unique kitchen is truly a work of art, filled with textures, colors, details, and beauty.