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Interview with Victoria Sheffield

In Madeval we also work in collaboration with designers and architects. We interviewed Victoria Sheffield, one of our partners in design, to know what it is like to work with Madeval.

“I was first attracted to the Madeval collection of cabinetry because I was seeking to create kitchens, closets and baths like the ones I have experienced in Europe and Asia during travel. Cabinets, drawers and wall systems with increased space utilization and multiple uses inspires me!”

“Our challenges with traditional cabinetry on renovation projects:
– quality varies due to variations of quality and skill among carpenters.
– Paint and stain done on site by painters has variations in quality
– Struggle to achieve a furniture grade finish
– Wanted smooth lacquer finish (not generally possible with sub contract painter)
– Metallic accents and contrast finishes add cost and larger margin for error when done by paint and carpentry sub contractor
– Forms that follow function, and use, with mixed materials”

“Madeval makes projects easy for me and my design team by providing the expert support needed to turn our vision into a reality. We design the concept and make finish selections before bringing our clients to the showroom for a sip and see. In this place they can experience the comfort and beauty of smart cabinetry. Everything has a place and the details of convenience are beyond measurable value. Magnetic closure, soft close and intuitive positioning make life easier!”

“My design firm is especially excited about the integration of Cosentino’s design forward Silestone and Dekton slabs. Designed by you, detailed by Madeval and enhanced by Cosentino- this is partnership at its best!”

We are excited about what the future holds and what other amazing projects of Victoria Sheffield are yet to come.