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Integrating Modules with Glass Give Your Spaces Greater Dynamism

Each of our kitchens and closets can be configured in different ways, and in the style the user wants to show through these spaces. At Madeval, we focus on the development of materials, pieces and systems that can provide a wide range of possibilities so that everyone can adapt their kitchen or closet depending on their needs, and the aesthetics they seek for these spaces. One of our materials that provides a different touch is glass doors, and we have a whole collection of different types: from tinted, sandblasted, to reflective.

The main attribute of our glasses that creates a difference lies in the different shades, and in their level of transparency. Tinted glass is a great feature that allows modules with this material to balance the other elements in the space. Black tinted glass exudes elegance, especially when lighting fixtures show off the interior. This allows glass modules to have decorative accessories or pieces that the user wants to show off.

Another way in which this material is presented in our collection is in the form of a mirror, reflecting the elements of the space. This strategy not only stands out for its visual impact, but also for its ability to generate a feeling of greater spaciousness within the space. Specifically, this glass goes in harmony with light and organic tones, such as white, with certain elements in a wooden finish.

Closets are a space where this material fulfills different functions: it is mainly used in modules with accessories, shoes, or handbags, to always maintain a visual relationship with these pieces.

Most projects that implement one of the types of glass in our collection generally have a contemporary and sober style, but it is an element that gives a unique touch to traditional kitchens.

Our glass doors and shelves maintain a sober, elegant and contemporary language, so they are better appreciated when they do not have handles. Most of these doors have opening and closing systems that perform the function of handles, and make the project functional and intelligent. Our Servo-Drive system is ideal for glass drawers and doors, which close with a simple button.

Integrating modules with glass gives these spaces greater dynamism: more openness, more flexibility.