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Our week at Milano’s Salone del Mobile became one of the most amazing experiences for the Madeval Team, where we were able to discover new systems, trends, and designs to apply to our new projects. As a company, we like to always learn and bring new services to our clients. Let’s get a look at some of the design trends and new systems that stood up to us the most.

One trait that almost every kitchen inside Milano’s Salone del Mobile had was how these spaces are able to transform into many things. They usually present themselves as concealed spaces, with an hermetic feel, and through various systems like Pocket Doors, they open up to become different things, such as storage space, a small bar, a coffee station, or even a regular cooking area that is meant to be hidden.

Behind these doors that work to create continuity inside the kitchen, we saw some of the newest design trends. One characteristic that stood out to us was the way shelves and structures are light; these elements are thin, with small lighting details, and a backing that becomes the main character. These shelves are usually metallic, which makes it easier to work with these specific thinness, and gives an industrial look to the space. Glass shelves were seen in many displays, where lighting is able to show through the material, and creates the illusion of a continuous space, almost uninterrupted.

Another design trend that was repetitive throughout different spaces was the use of warm colors, usually dark, that make the kitchen welcoming while keeping it with a contemporary feel. Browns with gold accents, as well as many details in wood, and a classic touch of black in certain structures, was seen as a common theme throughout different designs. The material that created contrast inside the kitchen, mostly a unique marble, was usually used in the backing and countertops.

We love when organic-looking materials are a part of a kitchen. Slotted cabinets made of wood are a new way to have see-through elements where light partially comes through and shows the soul of the kitchen; its true purpose. It is another way to integrate transparency for certain spaces, the way tinted-glass is used for this same purpose. Wood is also integrated in the ceiling, to create movement and add another element that unifies the proposal.

We enjoyed this amazing experience filled with creativity and novelty. Flexible kitchens are an answer to the new spatial needs that people have, a way to contain different functions that transform and hide in one single space.