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Induction Cooktop System on Kitchen Counter

At Madeval, we understand that design is about functionality and beauty. We believe that technology is a tool to generate innovative solutions, that is why we work with a direct cooking system on the kitchen counter.

This system rescues two important factors that every kitchen, being the most important space in the home, must have: functionality and elegance in its design.

How does it work? It is similar to an induction griddle, with the difference that it does not have visible burners that ruin the aesthetic sense of your kitchen. The magnetic induction plate, responsible for heating pots or pans through the surface, is placed under the countertop of choice. To ensure and prolong the life of this system, it is important to use a circular silicone mat on the countertop to regularly diffuse the heat and prevent it from concentrating within the system.

The cookpot does not generate direct heat, making it a safe appliance for its users. Plus, it’s faster than electric or gas stoves. Not only will you be saving time, you will also be taking advantage of the wasted space generated by electric stoves and burners.

The direct cooking system on the kitchen counter improves the user experience within your kitchen, preserves the aesthetics of this space and provides safety for the user and their family.