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This Kitchen Design Adjusts Itself to the Client´s Dynamic, While It Respects the Designer’s Aesthetic Approach

It makes us extremely happy to be a part of the design and creation of a kitchen made for true food lovers. We became dedicated to the project; understanding the client and its dynamics, as well as transmitting the designer’s aesthetic approach. The House on the Hill is a true masterpiece, and its kitchen is no exception. A house made for 8 family members needs a kitchen that works for such demand.

The kitchen island is the main attribute. Its uniqueness is the result of the division of functions for a better cooking experience: on one side, the kitchen appliances are located, including a teppanyaki grill, stoves, and a barbecue grill as well. On the other side, that is closely related to the refrigerator, we placed the kitchen sink with no other feature to have a clean space for cooking and preparing meals.

We worked together with María Luisa Barahona to create a spacious and functional kitchen, with every single appliance that the family wanted. Also, we constantly kept in mind the number of family members, which means they need a significant storage space. The island’s unifying element has big drawers for keeping pans and pots.

Black marble wraps the entire kitchen, and in combination with our brown and tinted-glass cabinets, it creates a unique environment. The materials transmit elegance and balance, but it’s tones make them resistant to stains and everyday use.

What do you think of this kitchen?